Breakthrough the cycle of lack-luster profits and constant overwhelm by becoming the business owner you know you need to be!


Are you a coach, consultant, speaker, trainer or author wanting to enjoy the freedom to do what you love, be well paid to do it, enjoy the process along the way and make a positive contribution to the world around you? If yes, you understand that it’s not that easy.

Feelings of doubt, worry, chaos and overwhelm are a very real part of the experience of growing a business, not to mention the frustration of falling short of your income goals time after time.

It’s time to break through the old patterns of growing your business that are not serving you and step powerfully into the savvy, strategic business owner you are meant to be.

What is the difference between the Outrageously Successful and the Chaotically Stuck?

Why do some ‘lucky’ entrepreneurs experience sustainable success and fulfillment – while you may still be wrestling with financial ups and downs, a constant feeling of overwhelm, an inability to find the right formula, and a nagging sense that there has to be a better way to manage and grow your business?

It’s about implementing the right strategy at the right time in your business life cycle.

Business Strategy

At Global Experts Accelerator, we have developed a proven system that can take any business owner – no matter how little experience or training they have – and usher them into a new way of doing business. We equip you with the steps to become clear, confident, courageous and conscious so you can create a business that provides you with sustainable profits and a deep sense of joy and fulfillment along the way.

Imagine experiencing a growing sense of peace and clarity as a result of completing a series of time-tested business-building exercises – each one designed to help you get clear, confident and committed to growing your business with a solid strategy for success.

The Business Breakthrough Experience is like having a personal business coach by your side, showing you exactly how business works and the steps you need to take to move your business to the next level.

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Who is Jane Deuber and why is she different from other
Business Success Trainers and Coaches?

Jane Deuber is sharp, grounded and deeply committed to helping people grow businesses that serve the individual’s personal and spiritual evolution as well as the bottom line.

During her 30 year journey as an entrepreneur, Jane has founded and grown six successful businesses. From her first enterprise in high school to her most recent endeavor – providing mentorship to small business entrepreneurs who are transforming their experience in business – each business grew more quickly, with less effort and more joy in the process.

Through her work with entrepreneurs from as far as Israel and Dubai and as close as her own back yard in beautiful Pebble Beach, California, Jane combines her real-world experience of business with her personal mission to transform the entrepreneurial experience to one that is more profitable, more fulfilling and more intimately aligned with one’s passions and gifts.

Jane’s entrepreneurial career began when she founded her first business after receiving her Masters in International Business Administration from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Since then, she has built and sold two multi-million dollar companies, currently runs three rapidly expanding enterprises and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs experience higher profits and greater fulfillment. While serving as the President of an Association that serves business owners in more than 20 countries, Jane was the lead writer for the Build It Big book series. Both titles have since been translated into six languages and continue to play an important role in entrepreneurial programs around the world.

Jane resides in Pebble Beach, California with Mario (her husband of 30 years) and her son Alex. She is a model for all entrepreneurs who strive to have a meaningful impact through their work yet are committed to living a life that leaves plenty of room for what they value most.

Introducing the ultimate business-growth system…
The Business Breakthrough Experience

1 Banish business chaos and confusion for good

Imagine being able to discern between shiny object projects and projects that will truly grow your business. Through this course you will discover where to invest your time, energy and capital to get the greatest return on your investment. No longer will you be seduced by strategies that work for others but are not right for you.

2 Keep the Inner Saboteur at bay

No longer will you be derailed by feelings of fear, doubt, worry and overwhelm. Imagine having a plethora of processes you can lean into to mitigate the inevitable feelings that arise when you are going for something BIG. We not only give you the steps to grow your business, we also give you the tools to remain happy, focused and moving forward towards the business of your dreams.

3 Boost your productivity

Jane will share a variety of tools and strategies that will accelerate your productivity, increase your capacity and enable you to get more done in less time. From managing your daily and weekly “to dos” to moving into each project with clarity, confidence and ease, you’ll discover how a small yet significant step can literally transform both your experience and your results.

4 Move beyond limiting beliefs

Imagine the power of moving beyond your limiting beliefs about what’s possible for your business, by recognizing your true genius and making sure to break your big vision into small, manageable projects and steps that can be tackled with ease and grace.

5 Tap into your strategic intuition

We recognize that while not everyone was born to be an entrepreneur, everyone is born with an intuitive sense that can be tapped into to manifest their desires and function at a highly effective level. Through our proprietary and time-tested system, you’ll learn how to step powerfully into each role you are asked to fill, and use your “secret sense” to make wiser decisions for a happier, more successful and more conscious life.

A Powerful Start To Your Journey

Create awareness and tap into your 6 month vision for your business…

In the Orientation Module we ask you to take three powerful steps that lay the foundation for a truly meaningful experience by connecting with where you are today and discovering where you want to be 6 months from now.

Module 1: Strengthen Your Business Foundations

We will begin your journey by walking you through my time-tested process for getting crystal clear about why you are here, who you are here to serve and how to communicate your unique value to your ideal client. This first step of the Business Breakthrough Experience will reveal how to align your purpose, talents and passions to attract the perfect clients who need and want what you have to offer.

Module 1 Outcomes…

  • You will feel clear, confident and courageous by finally understanding how your business can be a reflection of your mission and your movement.
  • You will have a crystal clear picture of your ideal client so you know where to find them and what drives them to seek the support you offer.
  • You will feel comfortable sharing with others what you do, making networking on and off line an absolute joy.

Module 2: Turn Up The Volume On Your Vision

In module two we will dive into the important work of creating a vision for your business that feels completely aligned with your core values and desires. You’ll also create a snapshot of how your business will be structured, and what revenue streams you will put into place to turn your revenue goals into your reality.

Module 2 Outcomes…

  • You will have a written vision of your business one year from now that inspires you to up your game by being the business owner you know you are meant to be.
  • You will stop the sleepless nights wondering where the revenues will come from and work diligently to put each revenue stream I place.
  • You will have a road map that shows you the twists and turns along the path so you can navigate the journey with ease.

Module 3: Power-up Your Profits With Personal Productivity

Because how you use your time as an entrepreneur is a key factor in your success, in this module, we revolutionize your productivity and effectiveness with time-tested strategies for increasing your capacity and getting more stuff done. Not only will you find yourself moving through your days with greater ease, you’ll also have a system for delegating specific tasks to an outsourced team so you can remain in your zone of genius where the real money is made.

Module 3 Outcomes….

  • A time-blocking system for making the most of every minute and leaving plenty of space for all you need to do to grow your business and have a life.
  • A simple process for identifying and managing all that needs to be done to complete a project or achieve a goal.
  • A proven method for handling the never-ending stream of emails that fill your inbox and a fool-proof strategy for never dropping an important ball.
  • A sense of clarity and calm, knowing you now have a system for taking back control of your days and maximizing your productivity.

Module 4: Accelerate Your Growth With Purposeful Planning

In this module we revolutionize your productivity and effectiveness with Jane’s simple yet effective process for designing, managing and launching any project or campaign. Allow Jane to usher you into a new era of focus and effectiveness by mastering the art of project management. You’ll not only save countless hours in execution, you will also be able to outsource and delegate specific tasks to others so you can remain in your zone of genius where the real money is made.

Module 4 Outcomes….

  • A quarter-by-quarter progression of your critical projects, campaigns and milestones so you can stay focused, productive and in action around the high payoff tasks that will get you to your vision.
  • A first pass at assigning your projects and priorities to the appropriate quarter in the coming year.
  • A sense of calm, clarity and confidence that the steps you are taking are exactly what will get you closer to having your vision become your reality.

Module 5: Activate Your Marketing Mojo To Find Your Tribe

Now that you are feeling more clear, confident, productive and courageous, in this module we give you the keys that will start your revenue engine and help you market like a pro. Using Jane’s crazy-simple approach for making sense of all the marketing options available to you, you will hone in on the three Avenues of Marketing that are not only aligned with your values, but are a blast to put into action.

Module 5 Outcomes…

  • Clarity about which of the many options for marketing best suit who you are and how you are wired.
  • Two powerful lead magnets that give potential clients a taste of what you offer and inspires them to want to learn more.
  • Your first online assessment you can use to grow your list, engage your leads and increase your closing rate from your one-on-one conversations.
  • A greater sense of confidence in what you offer so you can network and market with ease.

Inner Game Alchemy

Inner Game Alchemy

Your success in business is 80% Inner Game and 20% Tactical. That’s why in every module, we equip you with an “inner game strategy” for moving through the fear, doubt, worry, overwhelm and guilt that is a natural part of your entrepreneurial journey.

From my proven strategies for moving through disappointment to learning how to take courageous action, every module provides the inspiration and insights for stepping powerfully into your highest and best self so you can have the life and business you desire.

In short, this course enables you to develop the skills, mindset,
strategies and daily habits that will inspire you to do whatever
it takes to grow your business to the next level…

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Your Business Breakthrough Experience Includes…

… all you need to create the shifts you know you need to make and show up powerfully as the rock star business owner you know you need to be to turn your vision into your reality.

When you say yes to your breakthrough you will receive…

  • Six months’ access to our super cool, state-of-the-art online learning platform and module action guides, where we walk you through our step-by-step process designed to support you in creating your best work yet. This is where you access the modules we mentioned above, and where you discover our fail-proof process for defining, designing, and producing your Signature Program, a.k.a. your “revenue engine.”
  • A powerful intention tracker, our goal-setting tool, designed to guide you in listing and tracking your top five high-payoff intentions for each week. The habit of setting and achieving goals is an essential element of success for all business owners!
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group where you connect with other thought leaders who are creating their signature programs, and with Jane’s team, who can give you feedback and support.
  • Ongoing email support from my team of coaches—answers are always at your fingertips!
  • Powerful Bonuses, designed to equip you to develop the skills, mindset and strategy of a kick-ass entrepreneur, ensuring you are never alone on your journey toward your vision.

Bonus: Private Consulting Session with a Mastery Coach!

When you say yes to the Business Break Experience you gain an entire team of coaches and trainers who are here to nudge you into the next evolution of you.

To ensure you make the most of the Business Breakthrough Experience, we’re including a private, one-on-one strategy session with Jane’s lead Business Acceleration Coach.

Imagine having our brain on your business… reviewing your progress, tackling a challenge, optimizing an opportunity and celebrating your success. This is one way we ensure you are equipped to experience the breakthroughs, insights and increased profits that we know are possible.

This is a $297 value.

A Learning Method
That Fits Your Busy Lifestyle


Each Module comes with audios or videos that address the blocks, challenges and barriers that may stop you from stepping powerfully into this step. You’ll actually look forward to diving in to discover the missing pieces you’ve been looking for to take your business to the next level. Isn’t that cool?

Before advancing to the next module you will be given clear, concise, easy-to-implement steps you can take to put into practice all that you have learned. You’ll be amazed at the big shifts that come from seemingly small steps. Imagine the pleasant surprise of how easily you will begin to experience significant shifts in how you see and grow your business on a daily basis.

Password Protected Access to our Online Learning Center


Imagine having everything you need to experience a true transformation in how you manage your business.

The Business Breakthrough Experience is housed on a state-of-the-art virtual learning platform that incorporates multiple learning modalities and interactive tools to enhance your comprehension and more importantly… inspire you to put into practice all the strategies and systems you will be gaining through this course.

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Take advantage of our 30 Day Guarantee
and experience the power of this course, risk-free!

Jane’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We’re confident that you will be thrilled with the Business Breakthrough Experience Course. We also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a life-transforming experience.


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